Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Iammontoya
    04-12 07:36 PM
    there's a tutorial in the swift3d tutorial section that teaches you how to do this.

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  • webm
    03-12 09:38 AM

    120 days (4 months)...

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  • Euclid
    06-29 11:18 AM

    I need to renew my passport at the Indian Consulate in NY. I
    have a couple of quick questions. It would be great if someone could
    answer them for me.

    (1) Do I need to leave my I-94 card in when I give them my
    old passport? Is it OK if I remove it? Do they make a big deal of this?

    (2) In the online form, what do I choose for the "Service Desired" field?
    "Re-issue of passport"?

    Best Regards,

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  • jthomas
    11-24 11:08 PM
    I don't think one can open a account from india in US bank. However i had visited a website which says that anyone in the world can do business from USA. I tried it but did not.

    I am in H1B and i opened a business account in USA. The procedure is to get a fititcious businesss name from the citi and open a account in any of the banks. Later apply for a business license from the city. Every year you will have to file tax return (i do it on the month of december). It is very easy and consulars help over there. Additionally you have a advantage to talk to any of the SCORE/SBA members and improve your business.

    Regarding opening a business account, Wells fargo charges $10/- every month and later if you talk to them about low activity account they will charge you $8/- per month. Citibank needs a lot of information and they charge $10/- a month. I had avoided citibank after spending 3 hours interacting with the teller. The best is Washington Mutual (which is Chase now). there is no charge and i think they need atleast one transaction every year.

    Hope this helps.


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  • kisana
    02-27 10:28 AM
    I have permanant opprtunity with one organization which wants me to work on EAD. My situation is like this
    my EAD is expiring on XX/XX/2010. The new compnay wants me to join on YY/YY/2010. My questions are

    1. IF 15 after joining new Compnay, I apply for EAD renewal and before filing for AC21,Will it create a problem. Since I can only file EAD renewal 4 month before expiration date I need to do it some where in april.

    2. In case my Old employer revoke 140 before I file EAD renewl and AC21 will it create a problem?

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  • dreamgc_real
    04-29 12:42 PM
    Since your h1b transfer is approved, there is nothing to worry; and your pd will remain the same. good luck.


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  • gconmymind
    08-26 04:33 PM
    A friend of mine told me that we do not have to pay Social Security Tax while working on EAD. Does anybody know if this is true ?

    That would be a huge plus in case its true.

    Your friend may have confused 485 based EAD with F1 OPT based EAD. On F1, you do not pay SS or Medicare. On AOS based EAD, you do need to pay SS/Medicare taxes.

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  • dreamgc_real
    05-04 10:02 AM

    I had my last name misspelled and middle name missing on my filed perm labor application and it was filed on 12/12/2007. It was selected for audit in Feb 2008 and have not received any update until now. Can this error in my name be corrected on my application. Please advice.

    Sorry to say this, but it was dumb to have sent an application with misspelled last name! You got to check and recheck before filing it.
    DOL audits do take a long time, write to them about the error. Also, get the help of an attorney (labor or immigration)


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  • chozo888
    05-19 01:21 PM

    My PD is 11/2003 and my case was transfered to PA backlog center, I have not heard anything since then.

    My employer wants to call the Senators and Congressmen to see if they can expedite this process.

    Could you please provide some suggestions on:

    1. What should the employer tell to the law makers?
    2.How will the law makers help me?
    3. Do you have any fax/email templates?
    4. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you all for your help.

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  • DareYouFireMe
    02-11 07:15 AM
    My friend has I-140 Approved Petition under EB3/Dec 2002.
    Another employer offered him an approved Labor (EB2/July 2006) which enables him file I-140 immediately and upon I-140 Approval, he would file I-485 using his existing Priority Date (Dec 2002) along with H1B extension (Attorney advised him not to file concurrently as it may confuse authorities).
    He is in the 8th year of H1B.

    How risky is this business if skills on approved Labor are not fully matching with the resume?

    Also, the new company offered him to join only after I-140 approval. Not sure what are the things scrutinized at I-140 and I-485 stages.


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  • sledge_hammer
    07-01 03:30 PM
    What to do, what to do!!! :D

    Btw, why didn't you take the poll? :)

    Sledge hammer nobody is interested in the poll it seems ;)

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  • looivy
    10-11 02:50 PM
    I am a labour substitution case pd feb 2002 filed 140 in June at NSC. My 140 has been pending for more than a year. Now recently I received 2 year ead.

    Does this imply my 140 is approved too???

    Is it safe to work on ead of one gets 2 year ead with pending 140.??

    please advice.

    I do not understand why they grant EADs when your I-140 is not approved. The reason I bring this up is if a person loses his/her job and your I-140 is revoked, the EAD is useless. You cannot use AC21 for that because your I-140 is not approved.

    Nebraska center is doing nothing regarding I-140 EB-3 (India) apps. The I-140 date at Nebraska has beeing moving by 1 day per month for the last 7-8 months. It is stuck at March 30th 2007. Moreover, the latest "as of" i.e. "report" date that you see on Nebraska is July 31st 2008. It is not current (Sept 2008) as many of you may think.

    I understand that they receive 1000s of applications but that is no excuse for incompetence. As of July 31st, it was taking them 1 year and 4 months and now it is 1 year and 6 months to process I-140.

    Why don't they re-institute expedited I-140 approval?

    Can IV please help us?


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  • AdilAhmed
    04-28 04:54 PM
    cool thanks, r there any tutorials for this?

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  • trexx7
    07-27 10:41 AM


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  • sunkara9
    05-09 01:54 PM
    Hi ,

    I'm on H1B. Recently I joined new employer and the transfer is still in
    pending status.
    Among the documents required to sponsor for B2 visa, I'm supposed to
    send copies of I-797 and I-94. I have old employers H1B approval notice
    and I-94, but not of the new employers. I have the H1B receipt notice
    related to the new employer.

    Is it fine to sponsor for a B2 visa and for the visitors to attend the visa
    interview in the US consulate with all the other essential documents
    including new employers H1B receipt notice without the new employer H1B
    approval notice.

    Any of your valuable suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks & Regards,

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  • desperatedesi
    08-03 03:29 PM
    The 485 papers due to the rush for July 2nd. So looks like it is normal huh!!!

    Can someone clarify if it is normal for attorney's to sign the 485 papers?



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  • Kumar Nanada
    05-07 02:32 PM
    My Case Details:

    I currently have an H1 and have applied for 485(in July 2007, EB3 India, priority date April 2004, I-140 Approved, EAD approved). My wife also applied 485 (as beneficiary dependent) along with me and is currently working on EAD. Unfortunately my daughter was not in the country in July 2007 and due to unavoidable reasons she was not able to apply for 485 then. She came to US on H4 dependent visa and is currently studying in public school.

    My H1B visa and my daughters H4 visa expires in Sept, 2010. I want to use my EAD incase if my H1B extension is not approved in Sept, 2010 and am trying to find out if there were other legal ways for me to have my daughter documented in US.

    One of the option I was considering is try to get a F1 Student visa for her. My Daughter is in 10th grade currently (15 years old).

    Please advice:

    - What would be the best independent status for my daughter ?

    - if My daughter converts to a student visa (F1), and some time later EB3 category becomes current for my priority date, then can 485 be applied for my daughter while she is in F1 status ? IN other words are there any issues of her being in non-immigrant intent F1 visa and me applying for 485 for her as my dependent ?

    - Is there any limit on the number of years a person can be on F1 Visa in US ? She is currently in 10th grade and might join 11th Grade in F1 visa.

    - Does she need to go out of US to change her status from H4 to F1 ?

    - In case if required can I convert my EAD status back to H1B ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kumar N

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  • mundakamal
    06-20 07:04 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    For FP, USCIS takes the address from G325A or from the I485 form. The reason I am asking is because my company is putting their's address in I485. So I am wondering.

    Thanks for the reply..

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  • GotFreedom?
    03-14 11:56 AM
    I responded to RFEs isuued to me on March 3rd 2009 which they received on March 4th 2009 and since then I also have LUDs almost everyday from March 4th 2009 until March 12th 2009. In my opinion, I don't think it really means anything. They could just be sorting out cases and issuing RFEs to every case that has paperwork missing or insufficient.

    06-20 10:30 PM
    please reply gurus.

    Remember, you are signing each and every form. Which means you are certifying the following: "I certify, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, that this application and the evidence submitted with it is all true and correct."

    So when a form asks for your address, it HAS to be YOUR address. Providing any other address would be illegal. Tell your employer he/she cannot force you to commit perjury.


    11-21 01:54 PM
    few days ago, I tried to extend H4 visa for my spouse but I heard through one of the lawyer in the firm that once H4 visa holder used EAD, H4 becames invalid unless you enter again in POE using H4, we cant apply for H4 extension as the current status is AOS. But we are still exploring it.

    I checked in H4 extension form I-539, they ask:
    1. current immigration status?
    2. whether you want to extend current status or change of status?

    But my spouse is working so if we say change status to H4 from AOS then not sure whether she can use immediately EAD to work? I opened a thread regarding this.

    Anybody experienced the same issue as above? Thanks.

    Once your spouse started to use EAD (Work), spouse is no longer on H4 status and H4 status expires. You can reapply for H4 as long as primary applicant is still on H1. Once H4 is applied and i-797 issued, spouse had to go for stamping for h4 and reenter to be again in H4 status.


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