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darius morris michigan

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  • divak
    01-25 11:39 AM
    Guys any suggestions? How long does it take to produce the cards these days? I've seen many approvals where they get the cards within days. Pretty confused about this.

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  • wIeRdLiFe
    11-04 02:03 PM

    thanks for quick reply. What will decide which center it goes to? What are other centers and dates?


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  • cjain
    08-07 04:54 PM

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  • sarahbtobe
    06-25 04:57 PM
    Hi all, apologies first off for not knowing all the technical USCIS lingo, but my question is relatively simple.

    Situation: I am a US Citizen and I'm planning to marry a non-US Citizen in October. He is from India, currently on H1B, has the EAD, and is now patiently waiting. I don't know his priority date offhand, but I do know that he applied during all the crazy hubbub that happened in July-August 2007. (wow, it's been almost 2 years? time flies!)

    Our marriage is totally legit, we've been for 5 years, living together, etc. What we need to know is, would it be better to forget the work-sponsored GC application and go for a family one? Or can he have applications for both at the same time? Would changing to a different type of application affect his ability to continue working at his current job, at all?

    Thanks in advance for advice anyone can give.


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  • silverstone
    06-13 10:47 PM

    My PD is Dec 2004 EB2 for a future jon offer. I won't be able to start the job until July 2008 as I am still completing my fellowship. I have read somewhere in the past that I can file I485 for this future job as the dates have now become current. Can anyone confirm this and any idea what is the general recommendation for the duration that I have to stay with this employer once I start the job.

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  • pscdk
    09-09 07:50 PM
    USCIS might re-start PP for I-140 once they complete receipting 485 applications and EAD, AP approvals for July and August filers..which may take atleast 3 to 4 more months!!


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  • Lasantha
    04-07 11:39 AM
    Go to the forums link on the left side of the home page, pick the correct forum based on the category of your post and you will see a "New Thread" button at the bottom of that forum.

    Guyz, can somebody help me how to post a question here!!! I just got on to the website and created an id. now how do i post my question? i do not see a choice to "Create a New Post" or something like that. I can only see existing posts and do a reply to them..Sorry for being here..

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  • cherylfoster
    12-27 03:15 PM
    If you wish to travel to England to travel to another destination without going through the Danish border and you have no right to carry in the UK without a visa, you need a direct airside transit visa, unless exemptions they direct airside transit visa. If you are a visa national and you pass through immigration control because you stop in the United Kingdom for over 24 hours you should use a visitor in transit visa.


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  • Steven-T
    December 1st, 2003, 02:00 PM
    Here's the press release for the new Leica Digilux two.
    My observations:
    1. The hot-shoe is near the left corner, similar to F2AS. This implies ...
    2. The odd looking middle top plate must be for data display
    3. It's no Leica-M, corners not right, much thicker body, lacks view windows, ...

    If not for the Leica and Leitz words, it can easily be mistaken as a Rollei!


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  • salvador marley
    04-10 05:56 PM
    yeah it does seem a bit un-alive. but i'm glad you like it man. Kirupa usually writes back and says - i've added it up when he likes a stamp. He will in time, no doubt but because of various contests that are taking place, perhaps he is very busy. In fact I am trying to think up a competition for him at the moment, but they all seem to have been done at some point in the past - t shirt etc. Perhaps the most obvious idea for a competition on a forum such as this would be a web page design? give people some guidlines and let them design a nice webpage in a sort of css style - but give them a title or ficticious company (perhaps something like - The new official site for Elvis and Graceland) - even if it is not an actual scripted site in html - only a jpg? but god knows who would give out prizes for such a contest. In the recent magazine cover competition (which i am a judge for) someone has offered considerable prizes. Maybe Kirupa could contact lisa marie and ask her ;)


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  • GCVictim
    06-24 11:34 AM
    Hi friends,

    Sorry I starting new thread. I don't find any related this. If you have link please send me.

    My questions are?

    1. What are supporting documents for EAD?

    2. What are supporting documents for AP?

    3. Do I need to send separate mail for EAD and AP? both in one?

    4. What NSC Fed-Ex address for E-filers (EAD and AP)? I got in receipt is
    U.S. Mail:
    USCIS Nebraska Service Center
    Attn: E-Filed I-765
    P.O. Box 87373
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7373


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  • ajju
    02-06 01:15 AM
    Guess its easier.. and then they give negative reps instead of answers... Anyway.. Seems IV is losing focus and with this attitude of majority.. many more will go away...

    I'll request all contributors to feel proud but don't boast all the time of your contributions and expect contributions from the others rather than questions...

    I expect more negative.. as this is the latest trend in IV.. Anyway... where there is a will.. there is a way.. So I'll find my answer :-) and will continue answering folks who need... People will contribute at their pace and in the manner they feel good... You just can't force them... without being an example...


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  • rdehar
    07-24 09:41 AM
    Since Company A has not canceled your H1, you can join them anytime.

    No need to re-transfer.

    I have done the same.

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  • dbzfan33
    10-07 08:11 PM
    :( is it possible to get it as a fla file? if not can you make the background black?



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  • acecupid
    06-05 04:27 PM
    Thanks! Keep the information flowing

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  • Pandi
    10-18 01:35 PM
    Thanks for sharing . We should be thankful for the blessings we have.


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  • lkapildev
    11-16 10:47 AM
    Yeah many people got the I-140 update who files in July. What was your PD on LC Sub? If you pD was too old then you would have got your GC by now.

    May be LC sub cases are jammed now.

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    09-11 04:49 PM
    Busboy productions
    513 w 54th st
    new york, ny 10019
    (212) 468-1762

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  • chinna2003
    07-03 09:01 AM
    Since H-1 B is an employers petition, It will be delivered to the employers place of business, unless you used an attorney in which case the attorney will have it.
    If the notice is lost in the email, you have to request a duplicate notice before you apply for visa at the consulate


    Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On June 22, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    I have received mail from uscis for my H1B visa status.
    What to do know.?
    Will I receive mail in INDIA or my company who has filled H1B Visa will receive it ?

    Today is 03 July 2007 still i have not received any courier from USCIS people.

    Please help me what to do next.????

    Warm Regards

    07-11 11:01 AM
    A similar statement is mentioned on not sure the validity, but sounds interesting.:)

    03-02 07:13 PM
    I always wonder these ARAVAS deserve GC?

    Because where ever they will make lot of fuss there and cause so many troubles to hosting country...

    Srilanka they made a beautiful country as almost ash because of their perverted intensions..And Singapore they will never go with country's best interests...and Malaysia....
    And even in India see the support to LTTE (Openly)

    Also all most all these ARAVAs are blue collar cheap labor, I don�t know how a considerable number of Tamils getting h1b
    Actually USCIS needs to think about them to avoid future problems...

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