Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • neko girl
    May 5, 11:21 AM
    Is it really about your desire to serve your community, or more about your personal pride?
    The great thing about doing something good, is that it is OK to do it for any reason that makes you happy (even credit on a MacRumors thread) because at the end of the day it benefits people.

    If I was dying, I wouldn't care if someone gave me blood because their MacRumor buddies would like them more. They saved my life. Why is it so bad they did it for one reason or another?

    If people would do more good things because of threads on MacRumors, how cool would that be?

    smoking gun tattoo. smoking gun tattoo. Smoking Gun Tattoo Studio-2906; Smoking Gun Tattoo Studio-2906. furi0usbee. May 5, 02:27 PM. And yes, STUPID idea.
  • smoking gun tattoo. Smoking Gun Tattoo Studio-2906; Smoking Gun Tattoo Studio-2906. furi0usbee. May 5, 02:27 PM. And yes, STUPID idea.

  • quigleybc
    Jul 26, 06:13 PM

    Soon this will be standard, until then, I will be lurking and drooling

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  • opinioncircle
    Dec 25, 11:53 AM
    I got this book :

    My parents understand how bad I am at cooking in my own place :)

    Also got some chocolates and cash (which will likely be used for GT5/PS3, ski gear, and car yearly fixing).

    But the best of the best was to be with the family.

    Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you fellas

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  • dwd3885
    Nov 19, 12:43 PM
    For us, who cares? If you want an iPad you might be able to get one on the cheap. Apple needs a good screwing anyway!


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  • smoking gun tattoo.

  • CycloneWarrior
    Apr 23, 07:14 PM
    Brothers in Arms, Froggy Launcher, Tiny Wings, Pocket God, Doodle Jump, Chicken Escape, Depict, Birdstrike - Gold Edition, Float, iKungfu Master, Infect Them All, Cut the Rope, Burn the Rope, and Angry Birds.

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  • Verto
    Oct 21, 05:18 PM


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 18, 12:41 PM
    I have owned three "small" cars. A 1988 Ford Tempo, a 1990 Geo Storm, and a 1995 Ford Probe. All three were solid cars. However I have not bought a small car in many years for one reason. It's not that "big" cars are better because they're big. It's because generally speaking, the gas mileage on most smaller cars isn't better than those of standard sedans. In some cases it's worse. Case in point: Nissan Versa vs. Nissan Altima 2.5SL. The Altima destroys the Versa in real world mileage. Plus you get the added room and comfort and features. The price is only slightly higher in terms of monthly payments.

    Part of that is due to engine choices in the US: because many of the engines used by foreign car companies are not federalized, and because US carmakers largley ignore the small car market, we don't get the most efficient engines for small cars.

    Case in point: look at small cars sold in both Europe and the US, like the Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus (different version, but same-ish size) or event the Smart. All of these cars come with smaller, more efficient engines in Europe, either as the base engine or as options. The US versions, however, all use larger, less efficient engines and omit the diesel options entirely. Thus, much of potential efficiency of these cars is wasted.

    Therefore, it's not that the Altima is much more efficient than the Versa. Rather, the most efficient engine option in the Altima is as efficient as the rather inefficient engine that the Versa is saddled with here in the states. And it's our own fault, because Americans are stereotyped as demanding more powerful engines without regard to fuel economy.

    The new Jetta and Passat are no exceptions - they get more engine choices outside the US.

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  • davie18
    Mar 31, 10:23 AM
    They're making software for a device produced by a company that wants nothing to do with them.
    Erm, so?

    There are a huge number of people that use photoshop on macs...


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  • Phil A.
    May 4, 05:48 PM
    How do we do that? They are a shadow organization bound by religious or political ideals with no true ties to any nation.

    As a result there is no nation that we could go to war with or otherwise hold accountable for their actions.

    What I mean is that people captured as part of the "war on terrorism" should be treat as you would treat prisoners of war and should not be tortured under any circumstances.

    I tend to disagree with the saying of "ends don't justify the means".

    As for your last example, medical testing is a completely different scenario. In the torture case, you are doing it to someone who is part of the terrorist/criminal activity. They are already part of a criminal act, they already broke the law and they are planning in breaking it again to kill/damage more people.

    People with medical conditions haven't done anything wrong.

    How do you define a criminal act?
    Are the terrorists captured during firefights with US soldiers criminals or soldiers, and why?
    If North Korea launched a missile against the USA tomorrow, is that a criminal act or an act of war, and why?
    If Al Qaeda launched a missile against the USA tomorrow, is that a criminal act or an act of war, and why?
    When the USA dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW2, was that a criminal act or an act of war, and why?
    When the Allied forces raised Dresden to the ground in WW2, was that a criminal act or an act of war, and why?

    Irrespective of if they are criminals or not in the truest sense of the world, it's no more justified to torture criminals than it is prisoners of war.

    If you justify torture to prevent death of innocent people, where do you draw the line? 1,000 people, 100 people, 1 person?

    What if the person you are torturing is innocent? What if your torture helps the terrorists recruit more terrorists and the result is more, not less, bloodshed?

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  • OneMike
    Apr 4, 10:29 AM
    If anything I'm seeing that this will push resale value of iPhones up.

    Of course it sucks, but I don't upgrade early so unless they increase the non early upgrade costs this won't apply to a lot of us.


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  • betty02
    Nov 29, 05:34 AM
    You got yourself a deal ;) PM Me

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  • vincenz
    Apr 4, 11:26 AM
    I bet they did this 1) because they can and 2) to stop people from upgrading early and reselling the phones for profit


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  • SkippyThorson
    Apr 6, 01:56 PM
    Petabytes didn't exist in my dictionary until today. Thank you, MacRumors.

    My first thought has already been said.

    Im curious how long that will suffice...

    My first question has been asked.

    12 petabytes? That doesn't seem like too much, actually. that's 1GB of storage for 12 million customers

    My first concern has been noted.


    This thread has read my mind today. I learned what a Petabyte is - today is a good day.

    I am concerned about how long Apple will take to fill that space and need to expand, of course, this is the first round of storage purchasing, and I'm sure there is more to come - but I'm not as concerned as I am interested. The rate at which this storage is used, consumed, and expanded upon will really show how far we've come in terms of computing capacity.

    An IT professor I know whom I saw today said, "It's a great time to be alive", and that has stuck with me very well for the past few hours. I truly am happy to be here to witness our expansion in technology. :)

    ~sheds single tear~

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  • oMc
    Feb 1, 08:30 PM
    sherlockaled, original wallpaper please ?
    Thank you.


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  • CubusX
    Apr 7, 04:13 PM
    Like many, since 4.3 battery life has sucked. I am recharging mid day.

    Hopefully, they finally fix the battery.

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  • calzon65
    Apr 27, 04:19 PM
    Don't worry somebody's already working on an app to block the tracking. You can bet on that:D

    and watch, Apple will ban that app.


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  • tunerX
    Jul 25, 06:27 PM

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  • tigres
    Apr 7, 03:36 PM
    That alone would justify the damned iPad for me!

    Wasn't Stargate (Defender) better? Also, help me out- were those Midway, and if so, did Atari own them?

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  • mac15
    Dec 16, 05:49 PM
    yay! :)

    Apr 4, 11:10 AM
    Thank you, Apple, for weeding out the companies whose business model depends on selling my information to junk-mailers.

    This is the kind of 'crazy-Steve-Jobs-control' I can live with.

    I'm still trying to figure out where in the above quote SWC said he didn't like FT :confused:

    Oct 13, 05:02 AM
    I am using spymac, I m not saying that apple services are bad but I rather use spymac and it also my cheaper.

    The Beatles
    Apr 4, 12:50 PM
    Apple needs to learn to work with publishers.

    I spend about a third of my daily iPad time reading the FT every morning. If the app gets pulled or no longer works (because Apple insists on getting their cut of my annual subscription), I will make the very easy decision to get an Android tablet next.

    Same goes for my Economist and WSJ apps. Combined, I probably spend 75% of my time on my iPad reading these publications. Take them away, and I'm gone.

    My loyalty is to the publisher and the quality of their material. It is NOT to Apple. And one less iPad owner also means one less App store and/or iTunes customer.

    Apple should tread very lightly here.

    Wow, you my friend are bought and sold! :p

    The less a corporation knows about me the better. I am not in favor of giving my personal information away. But you believe apple should succumb to a no choice collection of this data simply because a corporation demands it? Your easy.

    Bankers and Corporations run this world and they dont have a "flower power, I love your grandma and children" attitude. Just look at what the banks did. Look at how the government responded. Now you want to give corps even more control by taking away choice?

    You say you'll go to Android, which i think is a bit poetic. The definition of Android means "Robot with a Human Appearance", and the government/bankers/corporations just love that mindset :D matter of fact, im sure thats how they see all of us. I know this sounds like a personal attack but it isnt. Its a rant on the relationship between the people, their government and the bankers/corporations. If apple wants to provide choice as to whether i give out my personal info, im cool with that. Grateful actually.

    Mar 15, 10:58 PM
    So you have absolute 100% confidence in our "justice" system?

    Of course not. However, there are certain cases where the death penalty should be applied. The arizona shooter for example who killed a 9 year old girl and many others, he should be fried. It's not like there's any possible chance he could be innocent. While i don't buy the argument that the death penalty costs more than life in prison, even if this argument was factually true, i would still support the death penalty. There's just no reason for some people to be alive after what they've done.

    Apr 16, 07:09 PM
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    Awesome.. thanks!!!!

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