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  • Anders �stberg
    December 13th, 2003, 11:49 AM
    I took this really lousy picture that should have been discarded
    as I couldn't get a good photo out of it. I thought I'd try something
    different in Photoshop anyway, I need the practice...

    Here's a scaled down original of a bird taking a bath:

    and here's a watercolor like effect that was the result:

    What do you say, is this convincing, and worth pursuing?


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  • augustus
    05-03 08:07 AM
    Dear All,

    My husband has been wanting to file a petition under EB-1- EA category. At this point, his credentials are as follows:

    1. MS from US university
    2. 3 years Job experience in an American Company
    3. 14 Paper publications in his masters
    4. 2 Patents

    And we are still unsure how many papers were cited. He has not written journal papers but may even write few journal papers.

    No awards, No member of any jury.

    Do you know what chance we may stand in filing under EB-1 and in meeting the 3 requirements in EB-1 Category.

    At this point, he can add to his credentials only a few more journals and search for citations.

    His company director may be willing to write a letter for him.

    Please help us on how to proceed. I do worry a lot in this regard.

    Thank you for everything

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  • sw33t
    12-08 06:52 PM

    I had a Biometrics/FP appointment today @ 8:00 AM at the San Antonio
    Application Service Center. I showed up at 7:58 AM. At 8:00 AM, a
    staff member opened the door and yelled out that people with 8:00 and
    9:00 AM appointments should step forward and a lot of people in the
    line raced to the front. I did not.

    I got in at 8:03 AM and was handed an information sheet to be filled
    out. 8:08 AM, I was done completing the data sheet. At 8:10 AM, I went
    to get my token and the service rep looked at the Drivers License
    photo and my photo and told me that I don't look like "sw33t".
    Luckily, I had my passport with me and he inspected my fingers after
    which he gave me a token and waved me through.

    I didn't even have to sit and the FP service agent called out my token
    number and I went straight in.

    8:11 AM - This was the process -

    a. Left hand - all four fingers
    b. Left hand - thumb
    c. Right hand - all four fingers
    d. Right hand - thumb
    e. Left hand - Each individual finger starting off with the thumb.
    f. Right hand - Each individual finer starting off with the thumb.

    He stamped my application with the QC stamp, asked me about the
    service and filled out the service report card on his own and asked me
    to drop it off at the box.

    I came out and went straight to my car and checked the time on my cell
    phone - 8:16 AM.

    18 minutes - I think I set a new record.

    HTH. I haven't checked to see if the LUD was updated.

    PS: If you are from san antonio, please PM me.

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  • belmontboy
    04-12 04:14 PM
    He/She/That is looking for singles only.

    Somebody is getting lucky tonight :D


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  • srarao
    09-05 08:32 PM
    My middle name is given only initial on not full on 1-485 ,131 receipt but 765 has full name
    can any one advise me on how to resolve it.

    I am on H1 now and my H1 B approval also had my middle name as initial.

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  • roseball
    01-07 01:41 PM
    Few months ago, my company filed for my 7th year extension and USCIS approved the extension for only 8 months instead of 1 year (my I-140 hadn't been approved yet). My lawyers contacted USCIS for clarification and we finally heard back from them. They say that the approval of 8 months is correct and gave no explanation for why it was not for 1 year (which I would have qualified for since my LC was approved when the extension was filed).

    Has anyone else experienced a similar thing?

    Check with you employer on the validiity of the associated LCA. At the time of your H1 approval, there might have been only 8 months of validity left on the LCA. Other reason could be, assuming you are working for a consulting company, USCIS might have given you an extension till the end of the current project. I have seen several cases where USCIS only gave 6 month extensions because the project PO was only valid for 6 months.


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  • sonal_c1
    08-31 05:43 PM
    Hi Jim,

    I am in similar situation. Did you get teh answers for your question?

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  • Iammontoya
    04-12 07:36 PM
    there's a tutorial in the swift3d tutorial section that teaches you how to do this.


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  • dks
    11-01 07:01 AM
    I think if it has been 1 year since your your LC was filed, you can get an extension based on that.

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  • kothuri
    10-02 03:16 PM
    I came across this article on and got lil nervous.

    I am currently on H1b applied for 485, LC Cleared, I140 Cleared.
    I work for a company X but own another consulting company and I am a passive partner with a share of 49%. Another friend of mine who is also in the same boat as I am is another partner with 49% stake. My Sister who is a Green Card holder has 2% Stake and is an active partner.

    I have not taken a single penny from the company in the last 2yrs we formed the company and we file a K1 every year. Even though the company makes profits/loss we are not taking the profit nor writing off the losses from our individual taxes, However both of us (I and my friend who are passive partners) end up doing most of the work such as
    1. Signing the bank checks
    2. Signing the USCIS documents for employees who are working for our company.(for I129, etc etc)

    Does this mean that I am a clear candidate to be on INS Red alert/Radar?

    I know that an H1b holder can have a company on H1B and cannot work for that company part time/full time precisely what I have been doing since I have never taken a pay check from the company however I never thought that this could have implications on the 485 approval.

    Can some one answer my question. I guess I am more looking at some one like UnitedNations to answer.



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  • kothari_rupesh
    07-05 11:07 AM
    Can somebody mention how long it took to get AP approval at NSC ? I applied for AP at NSC on June 12th and I booked ticket for my wife for Aug 3rd, I was going to join her to India and booked my for October, I figured I would carry both the AP's and use it for coming back, now I am reading that AP has to be approved before she leaves or else it is no good. Can some body put their approval times at AP in recent times, so I can decide to change tickets accordingly ?

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  • raysaikat
    12-21 01:57 PM
    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, wasn't exactly sure where to post.

    I applied for my Certifcate of Citizenship through my US citizen father about 5 years ago, and due to that US citizen father being an ass I still don't have it.
    I have decided to just go back to England. I am happy about going back now and this post isn't about finding other ways of getting my citizenship.
    When I originally came to the US I intended just to visit so I came on the Visa Waiver Program, and then decided to stay and become a citizen

    My query is: When I leave to go back home will I be able to leave the US with just my passport(recently renewed) and ticket? or will I have to contact the USCIS and get some kind of letter or the like?

    Thank You

    You do not need any agency's permission to leave US. Just submit the I-94 form if you have one.


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  • Norristown
    11-19 03:49 PM
    Same thing happened to my wife's EAD.
    USCIS did a mistake on address (forgot to include apt #) and it was returned undeliverable.
    Called USICS and spoke to IO , she told us that she will order to resend again.
    After 30 days still not received.
    Called again USCIS, this time they opened a Service Request and asked us wait for another 25 days.
    I am not sure what can we do about it.
    We have received all receipts and AP.
    It would creat problem if somebody has job waiting and they don't have EAD.

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  • psaxena
    03-09 05:11 PM
    Me and My friend developed a product, which is ready to launch. The product is very good and two fortune 500companies are willing to implement the product and back us up.

    Now my problem is I am on H1B working fulltime with a company and also have an EAD. At this moment I cannot leave my fulltime job. My question is , if I can be a partner with my friend in the new company we are forming( My friend is a US citizen), also will I be able to get paid ( as the developement of the product drained my pocket, this was the hope and I think we are close to reap the hardwork) . Also my wife is also on EAD , can she be the partner? Will there be any issue if I can do that.

    Please help!!


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  • someoneincalif
    05-21 01:34 AM
    Folks, here are some lobbying and action items that will be very useful.

    1) Try reaching out to your American friends/managers/colleagues and ask them to call Senators.

    2) Universities are missing in action here. They are major beneficiaries of high-skilled immigration, because graduate school is typical first step. They must be concerned with not only the fact that special categories for researchers/professors is gone but also that lot fewer students from India and China will labor in their labs. COUNCIL OF GRADUATE EDUCATION is a good place to start.

    3) Someone please write and op-ed piece of NY Times. They are pretty sympathetic to these kind of issues. A major criteria for publication in the op-ed section is that the topic should be current. The plight of legal immigrants can't get more current that this. Any op-ed piece will get major exposure to our plight. Here is a link on how to contribute to NYT op-ed:
    The op-ed should not be complaining in tone, but rather show the value of having a proper high-skilled immigration reform for the American economy.

    4) Where are those powerful desis we see on rediff? There are many desi executives, board members. They regularly dole out money to campaigns. If they can't put a word for us now, when will they do? After all most of them went through this process.

    These are only some ideas on how we can cause at least some ripples. Please contribute more and put some in to action.

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  • gccovet
    01-26 07:07 AM
    can someone pls help me with a few question on re entry permit. i will be going back to us after 1year 8months. i had applied for re entry perit in oct 2007 - i left us in may 2008 - my re entry permit is valid till july 2010. i will be going to us in feb 2010. my question is will i have problem because i left us before i got my permit. my husband who was still in us got my permit for me.

    As far as my understanding goes, as long as you applied for the permit while in US, you are good. It should not matter if you got your approval after you left the country.
    Please do check with others as well.


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  • feedfront
    08-14 03:19 PM
    For my canada trip (by car), CBP-Us just checked my H1-B approval (passport had old exprired visa) and they let me in.

    I think it's true only for entry by road.

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  • imi1224
    05-14 10:23 PM
    Hi IV friends-

    I am preparing to apply for my EAD througth E-file online. I am on H1-B currently and my I-485 was filled under my husband's EB2 application in July 2007. I did apply for EAD at the same time and got approved EAD for a year but never used and it it expired in December 2008. Now My H-1 B cap will reach in March 2011 and want to go on EAD ASAP so I can save the remaining time on H1-B ( advised by my company lawyer.) . My questions -

    Should I apply for reneal of EAD or new EAD?

    How difficulat is it to apply online? Do I need to send coyp of my H1-B etc as supporting deocument?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.



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  • Blog Feeds
    06-07 06:20 PM
    H1B Visa Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently updated ( their list of Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved schools. The schools listed have all been certified to participate in the program.

    The program allows foreign students interested in obtaining an education in the United States to complete a visa petition, pay the required fee, and attend a U.S. College or University.

    Interested Foreign students: There is a process in obtaining a student visa, but it is not a difficult one. The student must first obtain Form I-20 from the U.S. College or University from which he/she intends to enroll, pay the required visa fee (Form I-901) and contact a local U.S. Consulate/Embassy to schedule an interview. The SEVP procedures differ among U.S. Consulates/Embassies; contact your U.S. Consulate/Embassy NOW to determine its particular procedure on applying for a visa before planning for the interview.

    Interested Schools: There is a separate process to obtain F & M Certification. Authorized school officials must obtain and complete Form I-17. An overview of the SEVP Certification process ( can be found on the ICE website . If approved, the school will be certified and allowed to issue Form I-20 to qualifying foreign students.

    If you need assistance or an explanation of the SEVP, please contact our office ( to schedule a consultation.

    More... (

    11-12 01:44 PM

    I am currently residing in US on H-4 visa. My husband is on H-1 visa and our Green Card processing is in progress - our
    I-140 has been approved. Our priority date is in May 2008.
    The current "priority dates" for EB-3 as per USCIS is April-2001. Based on this, When can we expect our "485" to be filed and our EAD to be approved ?
    I have a law degree from India (12+3+3) and currently I am pursuing a paralegal program from an ABA approved university. I might loose my job oppurtunities if I don't have a work permit. Is there anyway that I can get a work permit with my pending GC application process, without hampering the GC process ? Can I get a work visa (or EAD) based on my education ?

    02-12 03:39 PM
    graduated with a MS in Computer science in may2007.
    i applied to another university and got my sevis transferred to do my MBA there.
    i have done 11 months 20 days of full time CPT at the previous university(where i did my MS).
    am i eligible for another full time CPT at my new university where i have started my MBA (from jan 21st 2008)?

    the international students service at my previous university is saying "i am eligible for 12months of full time CPT for every educational level, and i cannot get another 12 months if i do MBA because it is a masters degree too".
    please suggest.

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