Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Templarian
    10-08 07:39 AM

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  • laststraw
    05-04 06:55 PM
    I believe that the sponsored employee (and the attorney) are not allowed to have any part in the recruitment effort as per DOL guidelines. It should be done by the employer.

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  • va_il
    04-04 12:23 PM
    Thank you seahawks for sharing your info. I think the name change will be of concern only if it happens after I140 approval.

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  • gcwait123
    01-29 07:11 PM
    I currently have approved EAD, I-140 and waiting for a Visa number to become available. My receipt date for I-485 was July 2nd 2007 and my notice date was September 27th. My employer is closing the IT department in March. Though it has been 180 days since my receipt date, it's not 180 days since my notice date. Will my I-485 processing be impacted when a Visa number becomes available? Also, will it be Ok if I'm out of a job for a short time while I'm looking for my next job? I sincerely appreciate the help and guidance in this matter.



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  • gchopes
    10-13 11:16 AM
    I am talking about working for two different companies at the same time.

    Company A - US - Paid in USD on H1B
    Company B - India - Paid in Rupees.

    Ok to do the above?

    that's how infy, wipro, tcs work...they get ppl here on H1 and get paid in dollars....once they go back to india, they get paid in rupees....u need h1 if ur in the US.

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  • GC_ASP
    09-25 01:29 PM


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  • qwerty2046
    03-26 04:27 PM
    I used my 485 EAD, which I received when I filed my 485 with my spouse. And now I want my employer to apply H-1B for me. I am wondering if I can apply change of status to H-1B within US or I have to apply H-1B petition, which requires me to get out of US and get the visa at some US consulate or embassy.

    I'd really appreciate any info.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-14 09:47 AM
    ---I'm only talking in regards to FY-2007 in light of current development.---

    Now that everything is current there would not be any need to per country quota. CORRECT?
    Or since EB3 other is not current ("U") they cannot use AC21?

    they have hinted retrogression in Sept for China, India, etc

    Now if there is no per country quota, how can they retrogress EB for China, India, or any other country unless EB3 ROW is not current?

    So unless they retrogress ROW, logically they should not retrogress at least EB2 for India, China and other countries

    correct. Which means, come September EB3-ROW is also going to get retrogressed. probably to where it is now.


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  • rkoliparthi
    08-07 09:47 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I have few questions.
    I applied my Greencard under EB-3 Category and my labour was approved on Jul'2007. My priroity date is 25th June'2007.
    Applied I140 & I485 concurrently and I140 was approved on Sep2007. Both myself and my wife got EAD's. Currently my wife is on EAD and still I am on H1-B.

    Now I got another offer from fortune consulting company and I am planning to shift by using H1B transfer.

    Steps to take care
    Offer letter should contain same job title and same job duties. What else do I need to take care?

    Some of my friends told not to submit AC21 and some of them told me to submit AC21 without fail.

    Can my company withdraw my approved I140(was approved 2007) is it possible to do that?

    Please let me know. I am in a very confused state weather to accept new offer or not.

    Appreciate your comments.

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  • happydude9
    01-23 12:41 PM
    Hi All,

    I am in a strange situation. I was on H1 and applied for H1 extension, I also applied for F1 and got approved for that. Once I received my F1 approval I told my employer to cancel the processing of H1.

    Now my employer says that the H1 was approved. Now which status I am in is the main problem. Can I find out which status I am in by any means? what happens if my employer cancels the H1 will i be on F1 or is my F1 no more valid? please can someone help me as I need to take a decision immediately.


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  • willigetgc?
    11-12 10:53 AM

    how is it possible to change jobs while the GC application is pending (part of the July 07 madness). Supposedly there is the AC21 form, is there an example how this form should be filled, and what other documents should be included? How long does it take to approve? (for driver's license, traveling, etc.). Does it have to be filed with H1B extension?

    The new job offer is 25% pay increase, otherwise very similar, could that be a problem?

    It depends on what your status is and which stage of the immigration process you are stuck in.........
    As the other member pointed out, you could ask the attorney - IV holds these calls free every week...

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  • Locorecto
    08-05 11:19 PM
    I have a very complicated case, and I need some answer that can release me from all this stress.

    I came to the United States country in 2007 with a F1 visa. I won a scholarship sponsored by the government of my country to complete a bachelor degree. I was sent to a community college to improve my English skills. I finished my associated degree at the community College last spring 2009. Since my school only issued the I-20 until June 2009, my visa was also issue until that date. Therefore, my visa is already expired. However, already got accepted into a 4 year college and I am starting in Fall 2009, so I am still under F1 status.

    The institution that is sponsoring my scholarship agreed to pay for my bachelor. However, they are requesting all scholarship students to change their status to j1 by the beginning of spring 2010. If I don't do it, I will lose my scholarship and therefore my status since I don't enough money to pay for the very expensive tuition. The institution wants us to go back for two years after we finish our bachelor, so they forcing us to change our visas.

    I have been living with my girlfriend since last year. She is a Permanent Resident since 2003 . She is planning to apply for citizenship on February 2010. We are planning to get married by the end of this month (August). I need to go back to my country to change my status to j1 by the end of the fall semester, so I can keep my scholarship.
    Here are my questions:
    Might getting married now increase the risk of been rejected when apply for J 1 visa?

    When would be the best time to get married?

    When would be the best time to apply for green card? (Summit I-130, I-485, I-765 and G-325)

    My fiancee and I don't have any problems with me going back for 2 years after I finish my studies, as long as I come to visit her about 3 or 4 times in the period of 2 years.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • dcrtrv27
    08-07 01:24 PM
    Is WOM is the quicker solution?
    I understand that it may take years to conclude....!!!
    Anybody had got success with WOM?

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  • saketkapur
    05-07 05:09 PM
    They will take your I-94 at the airport in washington where you will board your flight....

    In my experience my previous I-94 was issued to me on AP for one year when I had come in......they did not bother with the I-94 on my H1B.

    Anyways since yours is an international flight the agent at the counter will take care of whichever they want.....just present them with both. Mostly they do not bother with the one in I-797 notice.


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  • sharmana
    08-02 07:09 PM
    I doubt it that this is the content

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  • bongbox
    01-27 08:05 AM
    hey tnx


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  • gipsydance
    08-24 10:04 AM
    Me, Masters In EE, Working in Medical Instrumentation at University.

    Papers: 1st author 3, other 7
    Conference/Posters: 1st author 3, other 13
    Recommendation letters: 7

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  • Roni
    06-11 10:43 PM
    My employer let me signed 3 contracts. First was for the year 2006 then two for 2007. They said they just changed a few things but it is the same. The previous two contracts said if ever employment is terminated prior to an agreed date, reimbursement to the employer will be pro-rated. The 3rd contract was changed to reimbursing the employer the full amount of the contract which means H1B fees, recruitment fees, sign-on bonus and reimbursement. I was not aware that they've changed the reimbursement because I did not read the third contract anymore because they said it's the same.

    Is it legal for the employer to charge the H1B employee the H1B fees, recruitment fee, sign-on bonus and reimbursements? I applied directly to my employer but they hired a recruiter and was just made aware of the huge amount after working for 3mos with them. They never gave me a copy of the total amount of my contract until I asked for it.

    They filed for my I-140. It was already approved and just waiting for the I-485 to be filed.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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  • smalgin
    04-17 02:14 PM
    Hello everybody,

    My wife who is on H4 was denied admission to a masters in accounting program due to lack of work experience. Other factors (GPA/GMAT scores) were allright according to a professor at the university! Does anybody know how/where she can get some experience (voluntary/unpaid/intership). We have already looked at craigslist job listing in the non-profit sector and not many people are looking to hire even if its unpaid:eek: We reside in Raleigh/NC and was wondering if someone in this forum has some insight as to how we can move forward.


    Please understand that by law they can hire you ONLY if a position presumes volunteer work. If there are other similar positions that ARE PAID, you are out of luck.
    My wife is a chemist. That's even worse.

    Best wishes!

    09-27 09:28 AM

    Thanks for the info..

    It's been two weeks that we have sent the required info to DOL. Still waiting to hear back from them..


    05-04 01:44 PM
    CuriousWho would you prefer contributing to?
    a. ....I'd pay money to track my case with my data-included.b. ImmigrationVoice -- I believe in it and it pays forward.
    c. None...........I don't trust both
    d. Both...........I LOVE both and/or have loads of money.

    Can you explain me...?

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