Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 25, 02:41 AM
    Does "I have no desire for a smartphone" go under "already have other phone" or under "undecided/other"?

    If you already have another phone then "already have other phone" would be the logical choice. But really no one here cares whether or not if you don't want a smart phone.

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  • AdrianK
    Mar 23, 05:03 PM
    I always thought iDevices would look a lot nicer as ****** chinese knock-offs, the dream has finally been realised.

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  • Wenkat
    May 9, 09:56 AM
    I have a new 27" imac running Elgato EyeTV hybrid and have connected the wii through the composite video input. The problem I am having is that there is a significant time lag (delay) with the wii remotes so that you cannot play games like tennis that require precise timing. You hear the sound on the remote but the action does not happen on the screen immediately. Anyone else got this problem or an idea on how to fix it?

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  • Hitrate
    Dec 2, 07:54 PM
    Manwhile I've been enjoying Premiere Pro CS5 - and now Avid...Avid seems smoooth playback wise on my MBP - where FCP and PPro needs to render all the time - even for simple crops and transitions (wtf?!), and I might as well get comfortable using what the pro's use - Thing is, if you want jobs as an editor, many companies are using Avid obviously. If we're just talking prosumer or whatever, FCP/PPro is perfectly fine...I don't mind knowing the basics of all three programs though!


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  • Padraig
    Apr 23, 06:26 PM
    Can anyone help me with needed instructions , to pair my I phone contacts with my Bose Bluetooth System. The phone is paired, but I cannot get the contacts to load into Bose System. Thanks Brett

    Sorry can't help, but I'm kinda shocked that Ferrari would use something as poor as Bose. Really nice car though.:)

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  • IgnatiusTheKing
    Aug 2, 02:58 PM


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  • fraeone
    Jan 24, 04:12 AM

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  • edesignuk
    Feb 14, 01:12 PM
    Just to let know everybody that i just sent my first complain about edesignuk as a moderator.
    I'm gonna have to go with the crowd here and ask why? I'm not aware that I've done anything other than move a couple of threads, and ban a few spammers :confused:

    Its fair to say that you and I don't really get along often, but I'm certainly not out to get anyone.


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  • twoodcc
    Jan 11, 12:26 AM
    I just got a 2.8 i7 Quad Core iMac, and I wouldn't mind helping out if someone would outline the steps for me. I already installed seti@home, but the application is only using one core, which really bugs me. I wont be able to dedicate my machine 24/7, but on the down time, or when I leave the room I wouldn't mind leaving it on.

    thanks! your iMac should fold nicely. start here ( at our own folding FAQ.

    basically, there are 2 types of folding clients: a console (terminal) and one that runs in system preferences. most people here run the console client, mainly b/c you have more control.

    are you familiar with running things in terminal? if so, all you do is download the client, extract it, move into that folder, and start the script with some options. here would be an example for you:

    fah -smp 8 -advmethods -verbosity 9 -local

    and you can stop that when you want by typing control+c.

    please let us know if you have any other questions

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  • heaven
    Feb 16, 02:42 PM
    Maybe a bit late, but:


    Congratulations to all the new moderators and to edesignuk for becoming a mod mini (love your macros and keira) :p
    Im sure this will help the amazing MR community.



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  • alphaone
    Mar 13, 12:27 AM
    Lame! I just had an Early_Unit_End on the p6900 I was 60% though. What a waste. Must have been a bad WU because this computer has been rock stable so far, not so much as a hiccup. And to add insult to injury the replacement WU is a 2684, the slowest bigadv there is.

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  • Chaszmyr
    Nov 1, 09:34 AM
    Most of the free apps I use are bundled with OSX... but there are a bunch of them, from Safari and iApps to Grab and DigitalColor Meter.

    Others I use (or used to use before getting retail software to replace them) are:
    -Okito Composer (word processor)
    -Taco HTML Edit (great simple little app for editting web code)
    -Kung Log (blog utility)
    -Firefox (Web browser.. secondary to Safari)
    -Poisoned (P2P)
    -Transparent Dock (activates "hidden dock features")
    -Audio Recorder (extremely simple recording app)


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  • daneoni
    Dec 6, 07:53 AM
    what is the first software icon in the bar (download's/bandwith !!!!!)

    iStat menus if i were to hazard a guess.

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  • Rapscallion
    Apr 25, 06:52 AM
    I'd imagine this is what you are looking for.



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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 28, 07:49 PM
    Samsung is going to lose this big one.

    They really cant defend their phones and look for a mutual agreement based on apple's trade dress/design claims.

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  • Truffy
    Nov 12, 02:12 AM like Badaboom...
    I though you were taking the piss out of Steve "Boom!" Jobs for a moment there, until Google showed it to be far more prosaic. :o


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  • ivan2002
    Apr 25, 12:59 AM
    Where's the poll option for "only an idiot would buy an iPhone two months before WWDC?"

    Ok guys, you took on the "white is for girls only" guy, I get a shot at this one ;)

    Here we go:

    Two months before WWDC, you say? Are they going to start selling a new iPhone at WWDC? NO. Are they going to at least announce a new iPhone at WWDC? Well, if you read: THIS BLOG - NO.

    So, what does WWDC have to do with a new iPhone? Nothing, in our collective knowledge here. You may think something different, but calling me an idiot simply because I don't live inside your brain is... not very smart, to put it mildly. :mad:


    Edit: Yep. I'm buying one. My 3G is on it's last legs, I like white better than black, and "5" is 5 or 6 months away at least (and not promising much of an upgrade from 4 either)

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  • mad jew
    Dec 23, 11:00 PM
    I love it. That's really cool. :cool:

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  • theste
    Mar 17, 05:40 PM
    sounds like it work :)
    thank you :D

    Mar 31, 11:05 AM
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    Toys can't run Photoshop.... Did I cover the haters?

    Mar 13, 11:06 PM
    Hi guys,

    I need sone good ideas of what to put on the monitor outside of my room, its mounted and is connected to a mac mini with a camera.

    also if you guys knew some software please direct me to the download of where i could get it.

    Feb 7, 06:03 PM
    great job guys! we are averaging over 500,000 points per day as a team right now!

    we still have some teams that are going to overtake us, but we will overtake some as well. we are doing much better than before! but we gotta keep it up! :apple:

    Mar 26, 01:20 AM
    Hoping to see this in iOS 5.2 :p

    Nov 20, 02:21 PM
    i've sort of dismissed the iphone rumors in past, but the ichat connection makes it sound like something that could well be and soon. but the wifi phone sounds like an effort to build up ichat. why not?

    I've never been able to understand how a WiFi phone could be a success before WiFi networks become pervasive and virtually free. How could you use a WiFi phone in your car, for instance? And what's the point of having iChat on your phone when you can only use it in the currently few and limited WiFi-enabled areas?

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