Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • *LTD*
    Mar 20, 05:23 AM

    Time to end state-sanctioned murder in order to make a point.

    An enlightened society does not kill people under the law - either as punishment or for retribution. We don't answer murder with additional murder.

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  • bommai
    Apr 6, 12:02 PM
    12 petabytes is mind blowing, i remember my first windows pc with 300mb of hdd space.

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  • sushi
    Dec 25, 05:52 AM
    Received a nice Ultra Micro P-15 (


    Fun little airplane to fly. :)

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  • HiVolt
    Mar 23, 08:59 AM
    Its funny how every position at Apple is either a Vice President or Senior Vice President of something... hehe..


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  • charlituna
    Apr 25, 12:56 AM
    Apple really wants to squeeze out all potential sales of the iPhone 4 up until the last minute because they lost big time in 3GS sales for nearly 2 months after the leaked/stolen iPhone 4 incident.

    Actually the leak probably didn't cost them many if any sales. After two summers of new iphones coming out most folks were probably not buying on the assumption that last summer would be the same. And would have made that assumption without the leak.

    Just like this year they are making that assumption (cause most of them don't read the blogs to know about the whole Sept rumor) and aren't buying unless they absolutely have to

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  • sk3pt1c
    Mar 29, 05:57 AM
    so, the thing is, tomatocart has payment modules and i want to charge customers for the "pay on delivery" option, which is not supported, hence i have to edit the module itself.

    i quote from TomatoCart's guides:

    The payment php files in the �/includes/modules/payment/� are responsible for rendering payment information for customers and handling payment gateway notifications; the files in the �/admin/includes/modules/payment/� contains the configuration options to configure the payment module. And each payment method also have a language resource XML file in the �/includes/languages/LANGUAGE_CODE/ modules/payment/�.

    so i basically have to edit the first two files, the one in "admin" and the one in "includes", and then update the language files...

    i'm uploading the three files in folders that denote their location in a zip file.

    i've edited the "admin" cod (cash on delivery) file and added the following, basically taken from a shipping method, that includes cost details (i'm adding the file in the zip file):

    $osC_Database->simpleQuery("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Payment Cost', 'MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_COST', '3.50', 'The payment cost for all orders using this payment method.', '6', '0', now())");


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  • Fernandez21
    Mar 26, 09:35 PM
    CLearly he was trying to scam people, even his first couple of sentances in the discription were worded in a way to make you think it was an actual phone.

    The iphone is finally out for Verizon! I couldn't wait to get one, and thanks to a buy one get one free deal I have an extra one! Don't miss your chance to own one of these! Best phone with the best network. This auction is for a photo of an iPhone only, no phone included. Don't worry about shipping, it's free to the lower 48 states! if you live outside of this region please contact me ahead of time and let me know, I'll calculate additional shipping. Thanks!

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  • jared1988
    Apr 11, 07:06 PM
    That car no longer exists (in that form) as of Friday, the 8th. The guy's garage burned down with the car in it.!5790896/rusty-slammington-destroyed-in-fire

    i know :( Mike will come back...


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    Apr 4, 10:17 PM
    OMG I've never seen so many crybabies in my life...Really crying because a business raised prices...Better not go to wal-mart, they have price increases there all the time:eek::eek:

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  • electronique
    Apr 3, 02:43 AM
    What icon/theme is that?

    I know I'm asking 3 people the same question, but those are all very great looking icons.
    Couldnt really tell you. Just random ones I found here (


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  • andreas79
    Oct 1, 07:33 AM
    mine :

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  • forkspoon
    Sep 1, 07:46 AM


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  • JasperJanssen
    Apr 30, 03:52 AM
    It will never be. EU adds specific tax to all products so unless apple puts a factory somewhere in the EU it won't change.

    Uh, no. The difference in price between the US and the EU is the VAT or equivalent, which means that they will have to charge that for production isnide the EU just as well.

    The biggest difference is that in the US it's easier to get an iPhone on contract and then skip out on the contract. *That* makes a significant difference. 600 euros including VAT or 600 dollars excluding sales tax, not so much.

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  • Dreadnought
    Jan 26, 03:23 PM
    Hmmm, twoodcc, you're just behind me as the # 17 contributor of our team... Don't think that will last long. There goes my #10 spot in a couple of days :(


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  • Vegasman
    Apr 27, 08:52 PM
    If Apple wasn't doing something creepy for advertising purposes, they were at least thinking about it.

    Google's slogan is what, "Don't be evil?" They don't always succeed. I'd suggest one thing to Apple "Don't be Google."

    Well, it looks like it wasn't a bug after all. It was coded as per the patent application. :D

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  • Socratic
    May 3, 02:56 AM
    Arguments that gay people shouldn't be allowed to give blood? Really? I give way to much credit to society sometimes. Equating homosexuality to prostitution or drug use is so incredibly ignorant.

    Learn to read. You will be happier.


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  • Wingnut330
    Jun 19, 07:02 AM
    Hello all,

    I am selling a brand new 8GB iPod Touch. It came free with my Macbook and I am using the funds from this sale to help pay for the Macbook. It's brand new, unopened etc.

    $250 plus shipping.


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  • igucl
    Dec 8, 04:23 PM
    Mine as of today.

    InterfaceLift link:

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  • yac_moda
    Jul 26, 06:52 PM
    Is Blue-ray going to support the tech that etches the disk lable/graphics with the disk burner laser :confused:

    Apr 19, 01:04 AM
    Sweet! Thanks! But how is one able to embed a YouTube video on here rather then posting a link?

    Here are a few photos I took. I have a bunch more I'm just still editing/uploading so I'll post them up really soon. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

    SevenInchScrew, I highly recommend an S2000. Great little cars. One can look really good with some tasteful mods or even bone stock it still looks good but I'd lower it a tad for a cleaner look. Either that or 5th Gen Prelude :p

    Mar 11, 06:43 AM
    Anyone going to the Rockaway mall and which model are you getting? I'm getting the att 64gb 3G.

    I'll be there with my girlfriend, each getting a 16GB Wifi in white.

    Apr 5, 10:42 PM
    there's a whole sticky thread (

    imho, the FMR RNP is the best deal going.

    Sep 3, 04:50 PM (

    Feb 12, 11:04 AM
    I downloaded the Sling Plug-in for Mac off the Slingbox site. When I click to start the installer that downloaded it pops up a box that "ask you to close Safari"??? while the installer is approx one minute from finishing the install and then it locks the progress bar..........when you close Safari as requested it then cancels the install and gives "Installation Failed" message ( well duh; I am forced to close the internet browser)

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