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andy murray wimbledon 2010

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  • Malayka
    01-15 10:28 PM
    I am 25 yrs old. I have a green card since 2004. i did a stupid mistake by commiting a theft from a mall of less than 90 bucks in 2005. i pleaded guilty and i was sentenced one year suspended with probation (Didn't serve time) and some hours community service. At first it was a felony since it included a tool to remove a sensor. but then it was reduced to a misdemeanor. I have been good with the law ever since. I went to school have AA and bachelor degree in international business, I have my own business, pay taxes, so on and so forth.
    Now I would love to be American citizen but i am afraid when they pull up my record they will see i am deportable. It has been almost 6 years but I am afraid i will be rejected. My green card expires on 2014. Any response is greatly appreciated.

    and also im thinking of just renewing my green card. ( would that be rejected too)?
    Many thanks in advance.

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  • eager_immi
    07-18 03:41 PM
    What is the website where you can e-file EAD?

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  • LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 26: Andy Murray of Great Britain celebrates match

  • maxy
    02-25 11:34 AM
    got few answers ... searching from other sites.

    I-130 does play a role, when applying for visitors visa. but that doesnt disquialify anyone from getting visa. you have to show string ties to your country and provide enough evidence that you will come back. there are cases where they hv granted 10yrs multple visas !!

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  • orshoe
    03-19 04:39 PM
    My labor was filed with job title from the employer as IT Lead (O*Net Code - 11-3021.00, O*Net title - Computer and Information Systems Managers). I am having an opportunity to convert to full-time on EAD (I-140 approved, EAD received 18months back). The new job title is Software Engineer(possible O*Net codes - 15-1032.00/15-1021.00/15-1031.00, possible O*Net title - Computer Software Engineer/Computer Programmer). Is it possible to file AC21 in this scenario. The salary and the job descriptions for both the Labor filing and the new opportunity are similar. I am worried if the title might cause a problem. I have to make a decision very soon. Please help.


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  • teikyo30
    08-05 01:28 PM
    My roommate is from England. She applied for a work visa, I'm not sure which number or letter, but anyway she was supposed to apply 90 days before her studies ended up to 60 days after. She mistakenly sent the application in 94 days before she finished her studies and they denied it because of that.

    I read the form and it said there is no appeal. She went to try and take care of it today and they told her not only is there no appeal, she can never apply again. Is that really right? For a simple mailing error she can't ever get a work visa now?

    What other options does she have?

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  • sina
    12-12 03:43 PM
    Yes, AP will be abandoned if you leave the country before it is approved. So wait till you get the AP approval and then go for the stamping. I was in such a situation and my attorney adviced me to wait till AP approval. In that case even if Visa gets rejected ot delay one can return on AP.


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  • Andy Murray | Wimbledon 2010

  • rajsand
    10-07 10:10 AM
    I am also on the same boat.For me and my wife we only I-765 recipts only and the rest are not there.Checks are also encahsed only for this.I am not sure what is is the logic and which one will follow is it 485 then rest .

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  • rolrblade
    02-21 08:52 AM
    You could try to reopen the case with Supporting evidence of ill health and age. This is a long shot, but a good attroney should be able to pose a compelling argument. Also, try to get an infopass appointment and talk to someone about your options.


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  • eb3_nepa
    05-26 09:59 PM
    I had a VERY SIMILAR question

    In my case it is simple. Current Immigration status and Manner of last entry is both H1B

    In Spouse's case however here is the issue. She has used her EAD and she travelled last year using the AP.

    So this is what I wrote under the 2 questions:

    14) Manner of last entry: "PAROLEE"
    15) Current Immigration Status: "Adjustment Of Status Pending".


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    11-20 08:25 PM
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion,

    Can you please brief me out regarding the procedure . I know this sounds very basics but I am pretty new to the country and the procedures .

    Hope you understand ,

    Thanks in advance,


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  • admin
    03-26 06:41 PM

    Sent you a PM.

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  • cheesy_x
    09-26 01:27 PM


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  • morchu
    06-16 12:49 PM
    1. NOW, if you are switching to company B. Company A may want to request extension only from Nov 2010, so for that the earliest is June 2010.

    2. You can file H1B extension on company B based on your approved & valid 140 in company A.

    3. Not necessarily. At any time, whenever you file extension, the criteria is checked again. Means if the 140 is revoked after getting 3 year extension, then the next H1 filing will get rejected, since you don't have a pending 140 anymore. So the answer is, it depends on whether you have a pending/valid LC/140 at that time.

    My 6 years on H1b expires on Nov 2010. I have 140 approved from company A.

    1.What's the earliest I can apply for 3 year H1b extension based on my 140 approval?

    2. If I switch to company B right now and get company B to file for labor using my approved labor's priority date, are there any time restrictions for filing H1b extension?

    3. Suppose I get a 3 yr H1b extension from company A, can i switch to different company after that using that H1b visa?

    Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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  • dollar500
    08-14 08:32 PM
    I live in NJ and my application was recieved on July 2nd. would that be Nebraska or Texas SC?


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  • ipkus
    01-09 03:54 PM
    Can u pls let me know how to download the attachments? I was unable to find a way to do this ? Thanks.

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  • lonelystar
    10-01 03:44 PM
    I filed the 485 for my wife and myself along with the forms for AP and EAD to the Phoenix lockbox by the 1st week of September and I have not received the receipt notice. The check also has not been cashed so far. I am not sure if I still have to wait or just panic. The customer service wants me to wait for little longer. My priority dates are current now and don't want to wait for another 30 days to realize that my application was lost in the mail room.
    I have a delivery notice confirmation from UPS.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you


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  • gimme Green!!
    07-31 01:55 PM
    I am assuming that you are planning to change employers when you change from H1 to L1.

    L1 is only for intra company transfers and you needed to be working with the company for atleast 12 months (used to be 6 months till not long ago) before you are eligible to come in on an L1.

    If it is with the same company, that you plan to change from H1 to L1, what is the advantage other than skipping Labor certification if you are on L1A?

    If you are on H-1, you cannot apply for L-1. You would have to work for a company outside the US for a period of 1 year before you can apply for a L-1 assuming you are in the US currently.

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  • ashokmohan
    02-19 11:31 AM
    Had the appt on monday morning and got the passport back on Wednesday evening at 3 pm .

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 02:29 PM
    We are planning to have a cheerleader event especially for all those Cheerleader fans

    You will miss Cheerleaders live in action if you don't come to the rally

    So all the Cheerleader fans - LETS GO TO DC


    Steve Mitchell
    December 9th, 2003, 09:40 PM
    I think digital camera marked is very close to home computers. I used to buy the latest and greatest computer every yar and a half or so, until I realized I spent a hefty premium for the cutiing edge, and the next level down (yesterday's best) was so much cheaper, and offered all I needed. Camera bodies I believe are just about there.

    two I-485 (One as primary and other as dependant) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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    09-04 08:55 PM
    I am sure he will update his profile that he will be there at the rally.

    Others reading this, you have reached this thread. You can easily reach DC for the rally.:D

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