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  • satkin2
    Apr 29, 03:04 PM
    I really can't see Apple removing the usage for 'pro' users. They're just making it more welcoming for the millions who are now in the Apple ecosystem through iOS devices.

    My understanding is that unlike Windows, Apple offers one (or two if server edition) version of the OS, be the most experienced pro or the new comer you use the same system.

    I would expect Apple to make the Mac OS to be far more like iOS in that you do what you see, so the new comer isn't faced with libraries etc; however, somewhere in the system there will be options to view and access the deeper lying elements of the OS that the average user won't need to ever see.

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  • 0010101
    Oct 29, 04:10 PM
    For the record, i'd gladly pay top dollar for OSX 10.5 if I could put it on my own 'home built' x86 box with Apples blessing.

    Here's an idea for Apple.. start selling ATX motherboards for the DIY crowd bundled with the latest MacTel OSX version, and let the consumer just drop them in their own case.

    Really.. that would be going right back to their roots (the Apple I was sold like that)

    Price the board/OS bundle package at a point that makes it cost prohibitive for OEM's to build clones with the boards.. but low enough that the 'Techno Geek' (who would otherwise simply buy a simular spec'ed Intel Chipset board and run their bootleg osX86 on it.) is buying their parts right from Apple.

    Let's face it.. if you're a guy who wants OSX, but can't shell out the $1000+ bucks for an iMac, but could.. say.. spend $300 for the OS and a board you can just drop in your exsisting PC case, and use your current hard drive, power supply, etc.. you would probably not even bother trying to build a 'bootleg' MacTel.

    That way, Apple stays in firm control of the hardware, makes their big fat margins, and nips the whole 'osx86' thing right in the bud.. not to mention that such a program would have little to no impact on their 'full machine' sales (because the typical Mac buyer isn't a person real interested in 'building' their own computer)

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  • avkills
    Sep 12, 06:58 AM
    Apple would be stupid to make a branded portable projector. That market is already saturated by Epson, Eiki, InFocus, NEC, Sony, Panasonic, need I go on...

    I think the wireless video streaming device makes more sense. Make the wireless part interchangeable for future upgrades. 720p H.264 could easily stream over 10mbit connections. Better include a HDMI connector, component video out, s-video out and optical/analog audio. If not, it is dead in the water.


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  • Chupa Chupa
    Oct 11, 09:23 PM
    Hellooooo Zune!

    Have fun. You seem like a brown Zune guy. That way no one can tell if its dirty or not.

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  • Digitalclips
    Jan 6, 08:43 AM

    We'll update that page. It's linked to this thread.


    Great, thanks, count me one who likes Steve as 'Live' as I can get with nothing spoiling the excitement in advance. I hope one day Steve can get Disney to carry the even really live on one of its TV stations. Doesn't Steve have some pull there?;)

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  • saving107
    Mar 17, 12:55 AM
    Funny thing is the kid looked like he was having a crappy day to begin with and probably had it with the madness in the store and looked like he didn't know how to take 2 different forms of payment.

    Whats even funnier is that if you thought he was having a bad day on that day, can you image how he felt the next day when he was probably fired. Oh what a laugh.

    You think you are getting payback from Best Buy, but in the end, Best Buy is doing just fine and that guy is probably unemployed (and I am not saying that he wasn't wrong, but your logic and justification that you got payback from Best Buy is comical).

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  • tvguru
    Sep 12, 07:27 AM
    I can't imagine why Apple would have an event like this if there was going to be only Disney content available.

    Could be another speaker perhaps. :p

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  • Flowbee
    Nov 23, 05:37 PM
    A preliminary list available at this time reveals the following sales:

    Has this preliminary list been published somewhere, or is this secret inside information?

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  • resom
    Apr 6, 07:26 PM
    Crysis 2 on PS3

    and Britney Spears Deluxe CD

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  • skunk
    Apr 27, 12:58 PM
    When did I say anything about what people are "entitled" to be???You implied it very clearly in the post Mord was replying to.

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  • maflynn
    Apr 8, 09:48 AM
    What I don't like about Windows 7 is the registry.
    Realistically how often have you needed to go into regedit to alter the registry. At my company they restrict access to the registry and it has not impacted my users one bit.

    I maintain about 30+ windows servers and while I have needed to go into the registry on occasion its a rarity. While I agree that the usage of the registry is a weak point for windows, its not as bad as some people make it out.

    Apple has similar issues that need to be fixed from the terminal, like rebuilding the launchservices database.

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  • netcastle
    Jan 9, 09:21 AM
    Actually, how about a more humble mini revision with a SR chipset, better graphics and an eSATA port and keep the form factor that so many of us mini users love.

    Also, in addition to the other things I mentioned in my previous post lets add a QT and iTunes update that support AC3 and DTS and a DVD player update that supports Blu-ray.

    I'm sure I can think of a million others and none of what I say is actually in the interest of a good prediction. I am just creating a wish list.

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  • franmatt80
    Apr 26, 11:08 AM
    Apart from in this thread, I've hardly seen the system in use. Perhaps I'm just not visiting the right boards? Does it seem to be popular?

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  • saving107
    Apr 15, 05:44 PM
    Do more research on Tim. Steve picks the target. Tim delivers the system.:apple:


    The Verizon iPhone deal was all Tim Cook, even before Steve Jobs took his medical leave, it was reported that Steve Jobs had little involvement with that deal.

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  • fivepoint
    May 4, 03:48 PM
    nope; you've simply mixed up the issues and the responses

    You're right in that it does not perfectly align, but the point is the same... In this case, I would support the doctor's right to ask questions, give advice, and not serve the customer if that's his decision. In the other cases, my position was the same. To the contrary, the leftist clan in the other cases thought that doctors should be forced to treat everyone for every situation regardless of philosophy, while in this case they seem to be advocating a doctor's right to ask questions, and make choices based on the serve the customer if that's his decision.

    No, I've already said I think the bill is complete nonsense. I'm only addressing Dr. Choi's assertion (in the OP) that he has a duty to pry into non-medical aspects of the lives of his patients.

    My thoughts.

    "Do you have a firearm in the home?"
    "It should be locked up or have a trigger guard."
    "NO ****?"

    Exactly. Physicians can't be sitting there going through every single life hazard.

    "Do you walk across the street?"
    "You should look both ways."
    "No ****!"

    "Do you go to the mall?"
    "You should keep children under the age of 5 close at your side at all times."
    "No ****!"

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  • Rt&Dzine
    May 4, 03:27 PM
    The hypocrisy from those of you on the left on this issue is pretty clear. If this was the GLBTA trying to pass a similar law regarding homosexuality, etc. you'd have no problem with it.

    Because being a homosexual is just like owning a gun. They're both choices. :rolleyes:

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  • MattInOz
    Sep 29, 01:21 AM
    Does Stevey know feng shui?

    Clearly not there is nothing to stop the evil spirits flying in when you open the front door.

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  • MistaBungle
    Apr 8, 07:07 PM
    I wonder if this "delay from the vendor" could be somehow tied into the possibly of that MobileMe announcement that seems to be ever so pending.

    vampire diaries damon and stefan. The Vampire Diaries
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  • alexprice
    Jan 9, 04:41 PM

    Sep 12, 02:55 AM
    iPod shuffle discontinued entirely

    I can't see this happening - not without an imediate replacement (though this may be achieved by significantly reducing the cost of the Nano?)

    I've been wrong before though.

    Sep 12, 07:58 AM
    I've been getting some weird redirections at the Australian Apple Store...

    Just remembered that of course the Apple Store itself will be down at some stage tonight, so I checked it out. But instead I was redirected to the UK education store page. I tried re-entering the address several times but kept getting redirected to different parts of the UK store.

    It's back to normal now, but very odd behaviour nonetheless.

    And the Australian iTunes Store is also showing the black screen now. :)

    Apr 29, 07:06 PM
    I used Photoshop.

    lol :p

    Oct 4, 02:14 PM
    Thank god. My first MWSF (been saving up for it), with the primary reason being: Steve Jobs.

    Sep 12, 07:55 AM
    What do these clowns do to us aussies, 3am, so not fair, everytime
    don't worry i'll be up untill 2-3 am waiting for the keynote video :rolleyes:

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