Sunday, March 27, 2011

SMS language

Single letters can replace words

  • be becomes b
  • see becomes c
  • okay becomes k or kk
  • are becomes r
  • you becomes u
  • why becomes y
  • oh becomes o

Single digits can replace words

  • ate becomes 8
  • for becomes 4
  • to, too or two becomes 2
  • won or one becomes 1

A single letter or digit can replace a syllable

  • ate becomes 8, so:
    • great becomes gr8
    • mate becomes m8
    • wait becomes w8
    • later becomes l8r or l8a
    • skate becomes sk8
    • skater becomes sk8r
  • tomorrow becomes 2mro
  • for or fore becomes 4, so:
    • before becomes (combining both of the above) b4
    • therefore becomes thr4
  • once becomes 1ce
  • and becomes &, nd,"n"

Combinations of the above can shorten a single or multiple words

  • Your and You're become ur"   

Word or phrase Initialism(s)
Almost chuckled ac
As far as I know afaik
As soon as possible asap
At the moment atm
All the time att
Away from keyboard afk
Be right back brb
By the way btw
Continue... or continued... c....
Can't be bothered cbb
Don't worry dw
For your Information fyi
Get out go
Go g
Got to go -or- Good to go (Military) g2g -or- gtg
Going to sleep gts -or- g2s
I don't care idc
I don't know idk
I hate you ihy -or- i</3u -or- -143
I love you ily -or- i<3u -or- 143
In my humble/honest opinion imho
In my opinion imo
Just kidding -or- Joking jk
Laughing out loud lol
Laugh to myself ltm
Laughing my ass off lmao
Laughing quietly to myself LQTM (JJ to LB)
Mildly amused ma
Of course ofc
Oh my god/gosh omg
On the Phone otp
Pretending to laugh out of courtesy ploc
Rolling on (the) floor laughing rofl
Shut the fuck up stfu
Sorry sry
Stay sexy ss
Take care tc
Talk to you later tty l8r -or- ttyl -or- t2yl
Totally ttly
Thanks thx
To be honest tbh
What have you done whyd -or- whud
What the fuck/what the hell wtf/wth
Grinning ear-to-ear :)E2E

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